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Development activities on the pulse of times

The projects of the FAMH respond to social changes by creating new models for promoting mental health in different spheres of life. New effective models in professional as well as in voluntary mental health work are being sought through the development projects.

The recent FAMH projects have e.g.
  • supported the mental capacities of children and the young through school education, as well as the adults in their life,
  • brought better quality of life to care work institutions and workplaces by the means of culture and art,
  • supported local governments in drawing up mental health programs,
  • identified new ways of promoting inclusion and being heard,
  • sought ways to stop or prevent the harmful effects of long-term unemployment,
  • developed the FAMH’s voluntary work, and
  • improved the physical fitness of people recovering from mental problems.
The FAMH's local associations engage in a variety of projects, e.g. promoting children's and adolescents' mental health, co-operating with families and schools, supporting immigrant adolescents, coordinating support personnel activities, developing living assistance services, supporting recovering persons' daily activities, and promoting substance abuse prevention.

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