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Suomen Mielenterveysseura - lintukuva

eMental health

Are you looking for information about problems relating to mental health or help in a difficult situation for yourself or a loved one? Welcome to the eMental health site>>>

Mental health for strength and empowerment

The Finnish Association for Mental Health, FAMH promotes mental health and works towards good mental health to be considered essential at all levels of society and in all spheres of life.

As a non-governmental organisation, the FAMH stimulates interaction between individuals and communities, while activating people to work voluntary for the welfare of their own communities.

As an expert for mental health, the FAMH collects and disseminates information on mental health to serve planning and decision-making, proposes initiatives and publishes reports, trains professionals and volunteers and publishes books and journals.

The FAMH responds to social challenges by employing new models to promote mental health and provide help and assistance in crises. Through its co-operative networks the FAMH offers support and help and raises awareness of mental health issues.


Finnish Association for Mental Health

Maistraatinportti 4 A

00240 Helsinki

+358 9 615 516

SOS Crisis Centre

Maistraatinportti 4 A,4. krs

00240 Helsinki

+358 9 413 50510

Education Centre

Ratamestarinkatu 9, visiting address: Kellosilta 4

00520 Helsinki
+358 9 4150 3600


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